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#602 : Les nouveaux amants

Un couple de randonneurs découvre deux squelettes dans une grotte d'un parc national. Le groupe autour de Bones et Booth se reforme, avec une nouvelle arrivante : Hannah, la petite-amie de Booth qui revient de loin et qui s'est fait muter à Washington pour être auprès de Booth et qui laisse une impression que Brennan reste jalouse de cette nouvelle arrivante.


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Titre VO
The Couple in the Cave

Titre VF
Les nouveaux amants

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Promo Episode 602


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Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick), Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick), Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick)

Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick)

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) au dîner

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) au dîner

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et le policier

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et le policier

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) devant le corps

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) devant le corps

Les corps retrouvés

Les corps retrouvés

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) accompagné d'un policier

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) accompagné d'un policier

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) devant un tronc

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) devant un tronc

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) au bar

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) au bar

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) au bar

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(Open: Daytime. Taylor National Park. A couple – TRACEY and MICHAEL are pushing through the trees.)

TRACEY: We're lost. We're totally lost.

MICHAEL: We're fine, Tracey.

TRACEY: I told you hiking was crazy. We should have just bought plaid shirts and gone to a resort.

MICHAEL: We'll hit the trail as long as we keep heading west and we're heading west.

(They stop.)

TRACEY: You don't know that Michael.

MICHAEL: Tracey that's the sun so that's south and that's west.

TRACEY: That's what you say.

MICHAEL: Its not my opinion. It has to do with the position of the sun.

TRACEY: Oh please this whole direction thing is totally arbitrary. We're lost and we're gonna to die out here. (She is growing hysterical.) And they're gonna find our bones one day and I hate you.

MICHAEL: Yeah you know what, just follow me or they will find your bones because I'll kill you. Now come on. (He marches off.)

(He stops and sighs. It has started to rain.)


(Thunder rumbles.)

TRACEY: God. Its starting to rain.

MICHAEL: Look there's a cave over there.

TRACEY: A cave?

MICHAEL: Look if you don't like it then stay out here. (Heads for the cave.)

TRACEY: Well don't leave me all alone. (follows after him, they both stop in the mouth of the cave and stare inside) Oh we are so totally gonna die. Bastard.

MICHAEL: We are not gonna die. (Gets out flashlight)

TRACEY: Says you.

(Flashlight ghosts over the walls, there's one corpse, then another.)

MICHAEL: Oh my God, we're totally gonna die.

(He runs away, she screams rooted to the spot then runs after him)

(CUT TO: SPECIAL AGENT SEELEY BOOTH and DR. TEMPERANCE BRENNAN trekking through the woods, daytime following after PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT)

BRENNAN: So, have you talked to Hannah since you got back?

BOOTH: Oh yeah, a couple of times. She said she's waiting for her new assignment, probably in Southern Iraq.

BRENNAN: I find it novelist that you would leave her since you believe so emphatically in the mythic powers of love.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Do you understand what she's saying?

BOOTH: Just nod.

BRENNAN: What... but I'm just saying that you wanted to fall in love and you did in Afghanistan/

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: You were in Afghanistan?

BOOTH: Yeah I just got back.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Ah. I was stationed as a Staff Sergeant in Kandahar, I served with my brother in '04.

BOOTH: I am, well I was a Ranger.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Well, you guys are awesome. My brother didn't make it back.

BOOTH: Oh. Sorry.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: It was worse for his wife and kid. I take care of them now. Sorry I didn't mean to bring this down. You were er, saying something about a woman you left behind.

BOOTH: Oh, I didn't leave her behind. It was her decision to stay.

BRENNAN: Well, maybe you didn't really love her.

BOOTH: No I do. I do love her. (Desperate to change the subject) So is this the cave then?


(CUT TO: INTERIOR OF CAVE. Close up on remains, BRENNAN is crouched inspecting them)

BRENNAN: This one is a male - late twenties early thirties. This is a female same approximate age

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Its kinda sad, the way they're holding each other, right?

BOOTH: (Poised to take notes.) Yeah what happened there, Bones?

BRENNAN: Multiple fractures, more severe on the female. It appears they've been bludgeoned.

BOOTH: (Groans) its like he couldn't let her go.

BRENNAN: It would appear that way. It wouldn't make any comparisons with your current situation

BOOTH: Oh, oh thanks for that. Thank you.

BRENNAN: Maggots and other insect activity seem to have cleaned the bodies of tissue. Some of the bone on the skull as well

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Yeah, that'll happen pretty fast out here.

BRENNAN: Well it makes determining the time of death more difficult. I'll need the remains transported back to the Jeffersonian along with the rocks and the surrounding soil.

BOOTH: Right. Maybe you could lead the forensics team, Sarge, so nobody gets lost.


BOOTH: Alright. Lets go.

(BRENNAN and BOOTH make their way out of the CAVE)

BRENNAN: Careful of your head.

BOOTH: Yeah don't worry.

(Close up on remains)

(CUT TO: THE DINER. Daytime)

BOOTH: So the forensics team said the remains should be in the lab in a couple of hours.

BRENNAN: It seems like we were never away from each other doesn't it?

BOOTH: Yeah. You okay with that?

BRENNAN: Of course. Why?

BOOTH: Why? Because seven months ago you said you didn't want to be surround by the crime and death and sadness.

BRENNAN: Well I needed time to rationally access the best use of my considerable skills. Factoring in that we have such a strong and mutually beneficial relationship I concluded that I could be most useful solving crimes.

BOOTH: Right. So your happy to be working together?

BRENNAN: That's what I just said.

BOOTH: Great!

BRENNAN: Me too. (Everything is not great) So, do you miss her?

BOOTH: Yeah of course I do. (He's uncomfortable talking about it)

BRENNAN: Well, if there's anything that I can do...

BOOTH: Yeah. I didn't leave Hannah you know, I had to come back because of Parker.

BRENNAN: I know.

BOOTH: I couldn't ask her to leave anymore than she could get me to stay.

BRENNAN: I'm sorry I brought it up.

(BOOTH sees something out of the window – there crossing the street is a casually dressed blonde that he recognizes)

BOOTH: Oh my God! (He get up, the blonde walks in] Hannah! Hey! What are you doing here? (He's so excited, so happy)

HANNAH: We can talk in a minute. (She grabs him and kisses him) I put in a request to be assigned to the Washington press core.

BOOTH: That's something you said you'd never do.

HANNAH: That was before I realized how much I hated waking up alone. (They kiss again. BRENNAN walks up)

BRENNAN: Hello.(She interrupts their kissing. BOOTH is annoyed, HANNAH a little shocked) I'm Temperance Brennan.

HANNAH: Ah. I've heard a lot about you. Hannah Burley.

BRENNAN: I assumed.

(BOOTH has big grin on his face – its awkward)

BOOTH: Yeah.

(HANNAH squeals and kisses him again – BRENNAN stands by and watches brave faced, pained)


(CUT TO: Medico-Legal Lab; Platform. DR. CAMILLE SAROYAN, DR. TEMPERANCE BRENNAN, DR. CLARK EDDISON and ANGELA MONTENEGROCOLIN FISHER hover over first victim, DR. JACK HODGINS over the second victim)

CLARK: I was passed over for a promotion in Chicago; when I heard Dr Brennan was back I jumped at the chance to work here again.

BRENNAN: That shows excellent judgment. Most of the fractures on the female are localized to the left posterior side.

CLARK: You know, there are multiple breaks on the femur, pelvis, vertebrae-

CAM: (Interrupting) So what was it like to meet Hannah?

BRENNAN: Oh, she seems very pleasant and attractive. Her face fits comfortably within the golden ratio.

HODGINS: So, you guys did math together? (Joins them by the first victim)

BRENNAN: No. The golden ratio is a formula that determines beauty - one to one point six one eight. For instance, the width of the mouth to the width of the cheeks-

ANGELA: So, she's hot?

CLARK: (Interrupting) I see some, uh, particulates here Dr. Hodgins, you know if we still care about finding out what happened to these poor people.

CAM: I just assumed that when you guys got back for your trip that you'd be a real couple.

BRENNAN: We were never a couple.

CLARK: Dr Saroyan you assured me that you would try to keep this work place professional.

CAM: And I will Dr Eddison.

ANGELA: No, no, no. You were a couple. You just weren't having sex. Were you jealous.

(CLARK rolls his eyes and backs away)

BRENNAN: Of course not. I'm happy for booth. Why would I be jealous?

CLARK: (Is leaning over the second victim. He snaps, exasperated) Because its obvious you and Agent Booth were attracted to each other, I mean even a blind man could see that. I just couldn't understand why you two did rip each others clothes off. (All the Squints turn to stare) I mean just get all butt naked and (He realizes what he's saying, he turns around) Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Er. Um. Er. I'm sorry. Er... It just popped out. Okay. You guys weren't focusing.

HODGINS: Dude, (He leans over conspiratorially) A little self control.

(Clark doesn't know what to say. Angela is totally amused, she knew he wasn't as straight laced as he seemed.)

(CUT TO FBI BUILDING. DAYTIME HANNAH and BOOTH are walking through the halls)

HANNAH: I hitched a ride on a C130-


HANNAH: -Coming back from Baghdad. We got fired on twice. I was sitting next to some guy from AP who wet his fatigues.

BOOTH: [chuckles.] I just can't believe that you're here. Its so strange.

HANNAH: Truthfully baby neither can I.


BOOTH: So, are you sure that working for the press core it going to be exciting enough for you?

HANNAH: I'll make sure it is.

BOOTH: God I missed you. (They kiss) Mmm. I wish I could take some time off but we're in the middle of a double homicide.

HANNAH: Forget it. We have all the time in the world now. They put me up at the DuPont Hotel, call me when your free.

BOOTH: Alright. DuPont. The place is a dump. Alright listen, I'll stop by later, here's my key to my place. What you got to do is get it in there, move it left instead of right and when you here the lock pop give it a kick

HANNAH: That sounds filthy (They kiss, they are interrupted by a knock, break apart embarrassed) See you later.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Sorry is this a bad time?

BOOTH: No come on in. How can I help you?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Thought your girl was still in Afghanistan?

BOOTH: Ah, well, she surprised me.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Explains the grin. I'll make this quick. A guy I work with told me about another murder out there almost ten years ago, some squatter who lived out in the woods, he went out after someone he thought was trespassing

BOOTH: On federal land?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Yeah, well the squatter didn't recognize the federal government. Anyway, he beat this guy so bad he died. I just wanted to give you a copy of the original file.

BOOTH: Why didn't you just call me?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Yeah I coulda. When I heard we were both combat vets, I guess I wanted in a little more action than I get in the park.

BOOTH: You know, look, we both have our jurisdictions. I can't authorize you too...

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Yeah, I was... I just thought that... Nah, I understand. You're right. Sorry.

BOOTH: Tell you what, when I'm in the park your my guy.


BOOTH: Thanks for this.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Its just that I... I always felt that there was now that I could have done for my brother, maybe he'd still be here. Guess I'm just trying to do that little extra is all.

BOOTH: We always feel that way when we lose someone.


BOOTH: Tell you what, whilst you're here why don't you go and pick up and application, I mean the bureau is always looking for good men and with your service record... Tell Jenny in personnel that I sent you.


(CUT TO JEFFERSONIAN HODGINS LAB - HODGINS is vacuuming particulates from the female corpse. Enter ANGELA.)

ANGELA: OK that's gross.

HODGINS: I'm vacuuming their noses or what used to be their noses. Its fun. Wanna to help?

ANGELA: You are not playing with our children without supervision.

HODGINS: I'm retrieving pollen that would have been present as they took their last breath, we can match that with the daily pollen count chart the that forest service keeps.

ANGELA: Ah, which gives us an accurate time of death.

HODGINS: Suddenly what I'm doing is pretty cool, isn't it?

ANGELA: Kind of. A little. Yeah.

HODGINS: How you feeling? Baby making you sick today?

ANGELA: No. The only place I'm not nauseous is here, which is weird because this place always used to make me sick before.

HODGINS: Well when you feel better we can take off for our Babymoon.

ANGELA: Babymoon?

HODGINS: Yeah you know, last trip before we lose all freedom and become our parents which in your case is OK because you know your dad is pretty cool.

ANGELA:Well we should go back to Paris.

HODGINS: (Does a French accent) But of course. Where else? And you get to eat whatever you like because you're going to look like the Hindenburg anyway.

ANGELA: Nice. Nice.

HODGINS: (Backpedaling) More to love. You know. More to love.


HODGINS: Did you ID the victim yet?

ANGELA: Hmm. Sort of. (She logs onto PC) The woman is Hilary Fuller, I got a match off the DMV which led to the missing persons report filed by her boss but the guys skulls was a little bit harder.


HODGINS: George Clooney.

ANGELA: The victim's skull was funky so this was the best I could do.

HODGINS: Oh victim, who art though.

(CUT TO FBI BUILDING - BOOTH is walking down a corridor, he glances to the left then rolls his eyes.)

SWEETS: Oh, Agent Booth... (SWEETS appears)


SWEETS: No, what?

BOOTH: Nah, I'm not going to talk about Hannah.

SWEETS: Ah, I just want you to know that I understand that this can be a loaded situation and if you need any help...

BOOTH: You should just take care of your own house first.

SWEETS: I imagine you are referring to me and Daisy.

BOOTH: Yeah you know that whole on again off again thing, its not good.

SWEETS: I know. I know. I'm trying to deal with it. But I find that if I consider making a clean break you know, that although it opens up my world sexually-

BOOTH: -Whoa-

SWEETS: I might lose-

BOOTH: -You're really talking about that now

SWEETS: No. No. Of course not.

BOOTH: That's good. Good Pal.

SWEETS: But to wrap up, Daisy and I have no obligations to each other, no commitments. We're just riding that wave.

BOOTH: Ride the wave. You hang ten. I'm gonna go a solve a murder. Don't forget the SPF.

(SWEETS nods feeling like the conversation was a good one)


[A man waits. Booth enters]

BOOTH: So, you reported Hilary Fuller missing?

HILARY'S BOSS: Yes. She was my marketing manager. Um, she'd only worked for me for a few months but er, it wasn't like her to just disappear so I called her place, her cell and I got worried.

BOOTH: (Makes himself a coffee) Right. Do you take an interest in all your employees?

HILARY'S BOSS: What do you mean?

BOOTH: Oh, well you're single, Hilary is very attractive.

HILARY'S BOSS: Hey, I came down here to help. Now I'm a suspect.

BOOTH: Why are you so defensive? I'm just asking a question.

HILARY'S BOSS: Look, Hilary she seemed great, we went to lunch a couple of times, she put on the breaks...

BOOTH: And you were okay with that?

HILARY'S BOSS: Yes. Yes, she didn't want to get involved. Its cool. I'm a big boy.

BOOTH: You recognize this man? (Pulls out Angela's pic of George Clooney)

HILARY'S BOSS: Sure. Its George Clooney. (Booth groans/sighs, its not the answer he's looking for.) She was killed by George Clooney?

BOOTH: Its not Clooney. Its the other victim. You know what I think? I think Hilary and this other man were killed by somebody who was very jealous.

HILARY'S BOSS: I reported her missing, remember?

BOOTH: I do. I remember. Yeah.


HANNAH: (ON TV) I'm here in the USA Base in the Khost Province where a bomb has just gone off

ANGELA: (Talks over the TV) She is hot.

(BRENNAN is with her.

BRENNAN: Yes, she's in Afghanistan the temperate is frequently over 100 degrees.

ANGELA: No. Attractive hot. Sexy hot.

BRENNAN: Of course.

ANGELA: So, Booth seems happy with her right?

BRENNAN: Yes. He always wanted to find someone to share his life. I don't think he expected it to happen like this. Just like you.

ANGELA: Like me?

BRENNAN: Well, you've also found a mate although you never expected to be in a long term monogamous relationship.

ANGELA: Yeah, well, love sort of decided that for me. Like Cam, she never expected to be a parent.

BRENNAN: So, I'm the only one living the life I expected.

ANGELA: Well, how's that honey?

BRENNAN: Its um, as I expected.

(HODGINS Enters):

HODGINS: I have time of... Whoa.. Wow. Is that her?

ANGELA: Don't drool Hodgins.

HODGINS: Huh? No. No. No. Only when I look at you Angie. May I? (Reaches for the remote in Angela's hands) I, er found time of death. I cross referenced the pollen from the nasal cavity with the chart from the forest service. They died two weeks ago on the 13th.

(BRENNAN leaves. Hodgins put the news back on and stares, Angela looks at him expectantly.)

HODGINS: She's not that great really. Homely actually, when compared to you.

(Angela mockingly agrees with him)

ANGELA: Keep going. Don't stop.

HODGINS: Goddess on high. Mother of my unborn child. Love of (Angela walks away) my life.

(Hodgins follows after one last look at TV)

(CUT TO DC STREETS then FBI BUILDING - Brennan and Booth talk and walk in the office)

BOOTH: So, you're sure they died on the 13th?

BRENNAN: Hodgins was certain. Why?

BOOTH: The park ranger mentioned a killing it was you know a while ago so I checked it out, here let me use this computer. Winston Hinkle, he had a history of mental illness, he got into a big fight with a camper and ended up beating him to death. He got 8yrs for manslaughter

BRENNAN: What does this got to do with the 13th?

BOOTH: Well, he was released two weeks ago on the 11th. Parole officer said he lives right outside the park.


SWEETS: So, Hinkle was diagnosed with bipolar and cyclothymia disorder with episodes of paranoia.

BOOTH: Okay, so why would they let him out?

SWEETS: Well, the attending psychiatrist feels that his illness is under control. He's taking his meds, hasn't had a serious episode in over three years.

(BOOTH'S phone rings.)

BOOTH: Booth. Ah, hey! Ah, ha. No I'm just working. No, not Bones. Sweets. Sure. Alright. See you then. You too. (Hangs up) What are you staring at? Don't do that.

SWEETS: Its just I find it interesting that you'd be so self conscious on the phone.

BOOTH: Really? Interesting? Because I'm having a private conversation in front of someone who's really nosy.

SWEETS: Well, you could be self conscious because I know your history with Dr Brennan. I mean its natural to have mixed feelings.

BOOTH: Do you want to know what I'm feeling?


BOOTH: Do you really want to know what I'm feeling?

SWEETS: Please.

BOOTH: Okay, when I left Afghanistan I was miserable thinking that I would never see Hannah again. And why do you think that is huh, Dr Phil?

SWEETS: Why don't you tell me?

BOOTH: Because I'm crazy about her. Because my life is just way better when we're together right which is why I'm happy. The past is the past. Okay. I'm happy sweets.

SWEETS: I believe you.

BOOTH: Yeah.

SWEETS: You're a lucky man.

BOOTH: I know. Now, get on your shrinky mojo so you can pick up any left over crazies that the other doctor might have missed.

SWEETS: My shrinky mojo? That's how it works?

BOOTH: Yeah that's how it works. Stop staring at me like that.

(PULL UP AT HINKLE'S TRAILER - HINKLE comes out unawares with an axe in hand. BOOTH and SWEETS pull up and get out.)

BOOTH: (Takes a look at HINKLE) Oh. OK.

SWEETS: You did bring your gun, right?

BOOTH: Yeah.

HINKLE: This is private property. You're trespassing.

BOOTH: FBI. Mr Hinkle, I just have to ask you a few questions.

HINKLE: I did my time. I check in with my parole officer every week.

BOOTH: Right, well, do I need to tell your parole officer that you were belligerent or cooperative? Which do you think he'd be happier with.

HINKLE: If you got a question, just ask it.

BOOTH: Yeah. A couple was found dead here in the park, two days after you were released.

HINKLE: Uh, I guess I should have expected this.

BOOTH: Expected to be caught?

SWEETS: He means expected to be perceived as the man he was. That's what your doctor told you?

HINKLE: I'm on my meds. I turned my life around. I know what I did was wrong, of course why should anybody else believe that.

SWEETS: You have court ordered therapy sessions twice a week, any trouble making it out to those sessions from here?


BOOTH: OK, you account for your whereabouts on the 13th?


SWEETS: You recognize these people?

HINKLE: Him. Yeah. They show us his movies in prison.

BOOTH: Its not George Clooney. These are the victims. Beaten like the guy you killed.

HINKLE: I deserve this I know, but I didn't kill anybody, I swear.

BOOTH: I'm gonna keep an eye on you, Winston. (BOOTH and SWEETS walk away) So?

SWEETS: He seems to be telling the truth but his meds could be masking a lie.

BOOTH: You know, honestly, your whole mojo was disappointing.

SWEETS: My mojo is good.

(Get back in car)


CAM: The injuries on the female indicate that the left posterior ribs eight through eleven shattered piercing the heart, lungs and kidneys.

BRENNAN: Her scapula is also broken which could have pierced the lung.

CLARK: His injuries were more presented in the interior and weren't as severe.

CAM: Internal bleeding would have taken much longer to kill him, he could have gone for help.

CLARK: The woman was bleeding out, perhaps he didn't want to leave her.

CAM: So he stayed and held her and she died in his arms.

BRENNAN: We need to discover why the injuries were localized his in the front and hers in the back. No one would deliver a beating so carefully.


HANNAH: Seeley tells me you're the best partner he's ever had.

BRENNAN: Well I'm sure that's true. I'm not only gifted intellectually and internationally known but I'm also highly skilled in various methods of self defense.

HANNAH: (Impressed) I like a person who isn't hampered by modesty. I have two Peabody's, a National Press Award and I have been wounded three times getting stories. I kick Christiane Amanpour's ass.

BRENNAN: We are both quite impressive. Booth never told me how you met.

HANNAH: It was outside Marja, the Taliban controlled the area, and I was going in to interview one of the leaders.

BOOTH: She was told not to go in but you know of course it didn't matter, she goes in.

HANNAH: I was heading to a cafe, walking across this little town square, an insurgent opened fire. Anyway Seeley was there. I didn't notice at the time. He was hidden of course. I was scrambling for cover, the sniper still firing when I heard another shot ring out, the sniper dropped - wounded not killed because he might having information. Seeley never went for the kill unless he could help it.

BRENNAN: He saved your life.

BOOTH: Well you know what, we met on the field. We'll leave it at that, shall we?

HANNAH: Lets just say that I was very appreciative.

BRENNAN: You're implying that you showed your appreciation sexually.

HANNAH: Oh, yeah!

BOOTH: Yeah.

HANNAH: Under a fig tree.

BOOTH: I never liked figs, now I love 'em!

HANNAH: I know.

(BOOTH and HANNAH laugh at the memory. BRENNAN'S phone rings)

BRENNAN: (She answers her phone)Brennan. Oh Booth is here too. I'll put you on speakerphone.


HODGINS: Hey. So I found eggs from the Sternarinker Aphidotia, they were on George Clooney.

BOOTH: Its like pulling teeth from this guy. OK Hodgins, the eggs from chickens or..

HODGINS: I just told you, aphids. So I hatched the eggs and it turns out aphids are wingless

HANNAH: This is fascinating.

HODGINS: Who's that?


HODGINS: Oh. Hey. Hi. (Fawning) nice to meet you. I, uh, um...Hodgins. Dr Hodgins. I am a big big fan. I just read the piece when you stuck it to SENCOM in 2009.

HANNAH: Thanks.

HODGINS: Hey, maybe while your here you could find out why every time there's a big story like an earthquake or government corruption there's always some celebrity story that takes focus-

BOOTH: Hodgins.

HODGINS: You know the BP oil spill, Lindsay Lohan goes to jail and the country takes their eye off the ball.

BOOTH: Hodgins.

HANNAH: Media is used to distract us all the time.

BOOTH: You're taking him seriously.

HANNAH: Michael Jackson's funeral is on 24hrs a day and nobody finds out about the coup in Honduras officially.

HODGINS: I love this woman.

BRENNAN: We were talking about wingless aphids Dr Hodgins.

HODGINS: We were. Right. Yeah. Yes. No. We were. So wingless aphids they couldn't have existed where we found the remains. They live in windier environments at a higher altitudes so I checked the wind patterns at various altitudes and I found some cabins in the park that hikers use to rest they must have been there.

BOOTH: The male victim may have left something which might ID him. You know thanks Hodgins. We should get back to the park.

HANNAH: And I should get to Capitol Hill. I'm covering the Armed Services hearing.

BOOTH: I'll see you back at the apartment.

HANNAH: Yes. [BOOTH and HANNAH kiss]


PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: If George Clooney had been up here I'm sure I'd remember him.

BOOTH: That's not funny.

BRENNAN: Apparently its not a very accurate sketch.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: I'm sorry I don't recognize either one of them. Hundreds of people come to the park everyday.

BOOTH: It was worth a shot.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: The cabins are inspected weekly. If anything was found I'm sure it would be in the lost and found.

BRENNAN: There doesn't seem to be anything in the cabin.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: I, er filled out my application like you said. You know if we work well together maybe you could give me a recommendation. Brothers in arms and all.

BOOTH: We'll see what happens.

BRENNAN: Look at this Booth.

BOOTH: Wow. Look at all these names, huh, we're talking 'bout a love shack. (Amused)

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Couples have been known to use the shelter for a romantic interlude.

BRENNAN: Like a fig tree.


BOOTH: Nothing. I like figs. Look at this. This is fresh. 9/13 the day they died.

BRENNAN: HF. Hilary Fuller.

BOOTH: Yeah but who is FV.

(CUT TO JEFFERSONIAN -PLATFORM- BRENNAN and CLARK look at findings on computer)

CLARK: I was trying anything that would get us an ID on our mystery man so I analyzed his Strontium isotope composition of his teeth; now it indicated that the victim spent the first twenty or so years in Central America

BRENNAN: Probably Guatemala based on the oxygen ratios.

(CAM joins them bringing up her own results on computer)

CAM: Well the remaining tissue I collected from his hands shows a high level of nicotine.

CLARK: So, he had green tobacco sickness.

BRENNAN: He was a migrant worker picking tobacco, which we might be we can't get a match for him.

CLARK: So, the initials FV would be Spanish in origin?

CAM: But Hilary Fuller was a college educated woman with a good job at a marketing firm. Why would she romantically involved with a migrant worker?

BRENNAN: See if the victims share any additional genetic or environmental markers

(CUT TO DINER - BOOTH, SWEETS and BRENNAN eat at counter)

SWEETS: She was a marketing director and he was a migrant worker. I can't believe they were a romantic couple.

BOOTH: Just because they have different backgrounds, what, you're saying they can't be in love?

BRENNAN: Your belief in the power of love is admiral Booth but an affair between these two is an anthropological anomaly

SWEETS: Yeah, I mean crossing class boundaries that extreme would be rare and indicate that our victims had something in common that we haven't discovered yet.

BOOTH: So its not possible for two people to overcome their differences?

BRENNAN: We couldn't.

BOOTH: What?

SWEETS: She right.

BOOTH: What? This is not about us.

BRENNAN: Sometimes when I was away I would imagine us together. (Both BOOTH and SWEETS look at her in shock)

SWEETS: Really?

BRENNAN: Well, while pleasant it was clearly a fantasy because we are also anomalies you were lucky enough to meet someone with whom you have parody.

BOOTH: Love. With whom I have love.

SWEETS: You guys want to talk about this.

BOOTH: Nope.

SWEETS: No, 'cause I figure that now Hannah is a part of your life-

BOOOTH: Why don't you focus on what connected them if they were so incompatible. OK, that's easy enough for you to do.

(BRENNAN'S phone rings)

BRENNAN: (Answers her phone) Brennan.


CLARK: I found the connection. Osteopenia. Both victims exhibit low bone mass and suppressed bone formation

BRENNAN: They were alcoholics

SWEETS: Oh that's the connection.

CLARK: Now although Hilary Fuller's bones were still weak her osteoblasts did show evidence of a recent increase in bone growth sufficient to show she hadn't been drinking for at least two years.

CAM: I did a count on the male victims osteoblasts too and found that they were also returning to normal.

BRENNAN: So he had also stopped drinking.

CAM: But according to the figures only within the last year.

BRENNAN: Alright thanks. (Hangs up) So both of them had stopped drinking, she more than 2 years ago, he less than a year

BOOTH: I know the connection. AA.


BOOTH: Excuse me (flashes his badge at HANK) FBI. I see you're wearing your chip so you have probably been coming here a little while, huh?

HANK: This is a safe environment. We don't want to rat out our friends here.

BOOTH: Just want to ask you a few questions about Hilary Fuller. She used to live in this area so this was probably her meeting.

HANK: I ain't talking to no cop.

LORRAINE ALLEN: Don't be such an asshat Hank. (He walks off) I knew Hilary. What happened did she fall of the wagon?

BRENNAN: No but she is dead. We believe murdered.


BOOTH: You still haven't learned how to ease into that one, right Bones.

BRENNAN: Do you recognize this man?

LORRAINE ALLEN: He killed her? He seemed so nice in the movies.

BRENNAN: No, this is the other victim who was found with Hilary; his initials are FV.

LORRAINE ALLEN: FV. Oh, Felix. He does kinda look like George Clooney. Wait. I, I... I can't believe this. Felix is gone too.

BRENNAN: They were found in Taylor National Park in a cave.

LORRAINE ALLEN: Makes sense.

BOOTH: Why's that?

LORRAINE ALLEN: If Hilary was sponsoring someone she would take them into the woods so they could get in touch with themselves.

BOOTH: Its a good way to assess the, you know, damages they've done in their lives and make amends.

LORRAINE ALLEN: Yeah. You in the program?

BOOTH: Well, I'm a gambler but I haven't laid a bet in years but I do miss the coffee here though.

BRENNAN: Were Hilary and Felix romantically involved?

LORRAINE ALLEN: Its not supposed to happen with your sponsor but they just kinda clicked and he was having some trouble as home. I guess his girlfriend was jealous because Hilary was helping Felix stay sober.

BOOTH: Right. And they were falling in love.

LORRAINE ALLEN: That too. I guess his girlfriend couldn't handle it. That's life right. Things change.

(BOOTH and BRENNAN share a heavy look, they know what she means)

BRENNAN: Uh, do you know where we can find Felix's girlfriend?


LUPE ROJAS: Felix was no saint. He might have a been a teacher in Guatemala but here he was just a drunk. You have his record there.

BOOTH: Right. Drunk and disorderly, buying alcohol for a minor, petty theft – not major crimes.

LUPE ROJAS: You're defending him now. That kid he bought booze for got into an accident or something.

BOOTH: I'm just trying to find out who killed Felix and right now you're looking like a good suspect

LUPE ROJAS: Nah, Screw you man.

BOOTH: Screw me?

LUPE ROJAS: Yeah, screw you. I was always there for him. I bailed the bastard out of jail. I cleaned him up after he was so drunk he slept in the street and then he cheats on me...

BOOTH: You don't seem too upset to find out he's dead.

LUPE ROJAS: You live with a drunk, you expect them to die. I guess I was ready.

BOOTH: Right, so, you weren't needed anymore once he got sober, right.

LUPE ROJAS: I wasted my time with him. He wasn't a real man. A real man can take a drink and he can still party. He was not a man.

BOOTH: He was to another woman. That must have made you angry. Why didn't you report him missing?

LUPE ROJAS: Because I just thought he run off with that bitch.

BOOTH: So you followed him to the woods just to make sure that it was true.

LUPE ROJAS: You found him in the woods. I got allergies I don't go to the woods.

BOOTH: Well people do crazy things when they're angry. Can you account where you were on the 13th Lupe?

LUPE ROJAS: I don't have to talk to you. I don't have to say anything.

(CUT TO BOOTH'S APARTMENT -Bedroom- Clothes scattered everywhere – laughing. BOOTH and HANNAH)

HANNAH: Well, this is the best lunch I've had in a long time.

BOOTH: Yeah.

HANNAH: You want desert?

(Booth laughs – they kiss)

BOOTH: I gotta get back to work (Hannah groans) There's always dinner, right?

HANNAH: You and Brennan... you two seem solid.

BOOTH: Well, it happens after working together for what, five years.

HANNAH: You know, I, I'm a little jealous actually.

BOOTH: What you actually think there is something going on between me and Bones?

HANNAH: No, not that, unless there's something I should know?

BOOTH: No of course not.

HANNAH: I guess I'm just jealous of what you two do together - the action, in the field.

BOOTH: Ah. So, the Armed Service committee is not doing it for you?

HANNAH: Nah, I think I'm the only one in the press core who refuses to write its stories from the press releases.

BOOTH: You're gonna make trouble whilst your here aren't ya?

HANNAH: As much as possible. Isn't that why you love me?

BOOTH: Its definitely one of the reasons. I gotta get back to work, Hannah.

HANNAH: I know. I know but I'm trouble remember. (She yanks him back into bed)

(CUT TO JEFFERSONIAN LAB – FOYER- CAM is pushing a trolley with tires on it HODGINS walks over)

HODGINS: Alright!

CAM: I was told these are for you.

HODGINS: Yes, these are the tires from Lupe Rojas' car. She denies going to the park but Booth doesn't believe her.

CAM: And if she's lying the treads should contain insect and plant matter that could place her there.

HODGINS: Exactly. You know, you could be my lovely assistant.

CAM: Yes but since I'm your boss you're my lovely assistant.

HODGINS: Ah. yeah. Right. At least I'm lovely.


CLARK: I've re-examined the injuries but I haven't found anything new.

BRENNAN: And why do you think that is?

CLARK: Because there is nothing new?

BRENNAN: Because you have been looking at them as if both victims were attacked and beaten.

CLARK: Of course. Wasn't that your supposition?

BRENNAN: Yes but was it yours because an assistant who doesn't think for himself has no value to me

CLARK: OK but I thought that I...

BRENNAN: No you didn't that's the point. You repeated an inconclusive assumption that I made without all the evidence, evidence by the way that you were supposed to supply whilst I was busy with other duties.

(CAM approaches)

CLARK: OK. I'm going to assume that I missed something.

BRENNAN: Yeah, I can guarantee that you missed something. Perhaps this is the reason that you didn't get your promotion in Chicago

CAM: Dr Brennan!

BRENNAN: If you hope to redeem yourself in my eyes you will look at these remains and tell me exactly what it is that you missed.

CAM: I'm guessing that this about more than a mistake made by an assistant.

BRENNAN: Why you think that? Do you know what she's talking about? (Asks CLARK)..

CLARK: Yes but I'd prefer to focus on my own failings at this moment.

CAM: Someone has altered your relationship with Booth Dr Brennan-

BRENNAN: Do you mean Hannah?

CAM: Yes. Whether or not you're happy for him you have to have feelings about it and if you can't keep it out of the work place-

CLARK: Oh my God!

CAM: I'm sorry Dr Eddison but sometimes our personal lives directly affect our work.

CLARK: No. no. I see what Dr. Brennan means. These two people weren't beaten at all.

BRENNAN: You see this is about nothing more than Dr. Eddison's incompetence.

CLARK: That's very kind.

CAM: But if they weren't beaten then why did Dr. Hodgins find traces of sedimentary rock in their wounds.

CLARK: Because they fell on rocks and she broke his fall which is why his injuries weren't as severe.

BRENNAN: Very good. You see I was merely helping Dr. Eddison to be a better scientist.

CAM: I apologize Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: Accepted. Those people in Chicago were foolish to lose you Dr. Eddison.

CLARK: Thank you.

BRENNAN: Its actually quite amusing to think that Hannah would ever affect my work.

(As bones walks off Cam and Clark share a disagreeing look)

(Cut to Angela's office and the Angelator)

ANGELA: So I input put all the injuries and breaks that were found on both the victims.

BRENNAN: You can see that they share mirror fractures on their chests and pelvises.

CLARK: the compression fractures that they share are because he landed on top of her.

BRENNAN: This also explains why the zygomatic and maxilla are shattered. His face struck the rocks directly.

ANGELA: Now here are the injuries on her back and I found some photographs of the area surrounding the cave, I used topographical overlay software to find the rocks that would match their injuries. So this section of the rocks here is the section that matches their injuries, its about 250ft from the cave.

CAM: Well with the amount of blood loss they were both suffering they couldn't have made it any farther.


BRENNAN: This is the spot.

BOOTH: Well, I want a forensic team to come and bust through all these rocks.

BRENNAN: They fell from up there.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Maybe it was a suicide thing?

BOOTH: Nah, uh uh. There was no note and everyone who knew them said they were pretty happy.

BRENNAN: What's up there?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Its a vista point. Beautiful view. Its just tough to access. Usually only experienced hikers go up there.

BOOTH: Well Hilary was experienced. She brought people from the program up here.


BOOTH: Yeah, AA.

BRENNAN: So, there wouldn't be a lot of people up there, so no one would see if someone pushed the couple of the cliff.


(Booths phone rings)

BOOTH: (He answers it) Great thanks. That was Hodgins. Lupe lied. He found evidence in her tire treads that she was up here.


LUPE ROJAS: This place is freaky. Why are we here? Is this some kind of torture place?

BRENNAN: We're just going to verify your story.

LUPE ROJAS: I didn't kill them.

BOOTH: Oh, really? Then why did you lie about going to the park?

LUPE ROJAS: Because I knew you wouldn't believe me if you knew I drove out there.

BOOTH: Well, now that you lied I believe you even less.

LUPE ROJAS: I'm telling you that I got allergies. I followed them but then I started sneezing up there, my eyes puffed up, I couldn't see so I went home.

BRENNAN: Are you ready? (Asks the approaching Hodgins)


BOOTH: Ready. Ready, Ready.

LUPE ROJAS: Ready, ready for what? I'm not ready. What are those?

BOOTH: Well, you know you said you followed them to the top of the trail but couldn't go up any further...

LUPE ROJAS: Because I was sneezing and stuff, yeah?

HODGINS: Yeah, so we're going to do a little experiment.

CLARK: I feel really uncomfortable about this. We usually don't do experiments live humans.

HODGINS: I know. Should be fun!

LUPE ROJAS: You said you were going to give me a chance to clear myself.

BOOTH: We are. Unless you want me to lock you up for a few weeks until a public defender comes along and takes your case, that's up to you. What do you think?

BRENNAN: These are plants that grow at the higher altitudes in the park. Chocolate Honeysuckle, Red Twig Dogwood and Russian Hawthorne.

HODGINS: Lets start with that one.

(Clark waves it under LUPE'S nose, she sniff, nothing)

LUPE ROJAS: What are you witches, because my grandmother knows spells?

HODGINS: Okay next one.

CLARK: This is dogwood.

(She takes a short sniff)

BOOTH: Not looking good Lupe.

CLARK: And this is honey suckle.

(She sniffs and sneezes suddenly.)

BOOTH: Jesus.

(Clark smirks)

LUPE ROJAS: Get it away

(Clark sneezes)

HODGINS: Clark why didn't you say you were allergic?

CLARK: I didn't know. (Hands the jar to HODGINS)

LUPE ROJAS: I'm calling my Grandma.

BRENNAN: She's telling the truth booth. These are severe. She wouldn't have been able to continue following them up there.

(LUPE and CLARK continue sneezing)

HODGINS: (Finally) I'm going to get an antihistamine.

(CAM walks in as HODGINS walks out)

CAM: I think I found something.


CAM: Most of the flesh was decomposed or eaten by parasites except for this area around his eye and cheek.

BRENNAN: The flesh is desiccated and seems to be untouched by scavengers.

BOOTH: If they ate everything else then why would the animals avoid that?

CAM: That's what I asked myself so I did an analysis of the tissue and compared it with the tissue I took off other parts of the remains, this tissue from around his eye contains Capsaicin

BRENNAN: Pepper spray.

CAM: Yes but at a very high concentration. Government issue. The scavengers wouldn't touch it.

BOOTH: Wait a second. Forest services issues a highly concentrated spray to park rangers who encounter bears or other aggressive animals.


BOOTH: We looked at Felix' rap sheet a little closer and the minor he bought liquor for was your niece

BRENNAN: She drank to much and got into a car accident

BOOTH: And she died. Isn't that right Gary?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: I saw him hiking with that woman. I recognized him from court. They went up to the cabin and I followed them.

BOOTH: You know your sister in law's been through enough, she lost her husband in Afghanistan and then her daughter.


BRENNAN: Neither was killing those two people.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: They let him off with a slap on the wrist, counseling that's crap, he needed to pay. We're both soldiers you understand.

BOOTH: No I don't get that.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: Come on man, when we were over there we took care of business, we didn't wait for some trial.

BRENNAN: What about the woman?

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: She was defending him. Saying that he turned his life around. Collateral damage, it happens.

BOOTH: This isn't war, Gary.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: He killed Sarah. She never had a chance to turn her life around.

BOOTH: So you sprayed him with pepper spray and pushed him of a cliff.

PARK RANGER GARY NESBITT: I did the right thing, for Sarah and my brother. Nobody is ever going to tell me I didn't do the right thing.


BOOTH: Its sad you know, but at least they died in each others arms.

BRENNAN: How could that have made their deaths any less horrible?

BOOTH: Well because it was love. I mean... I mean, if you're going to go its best to go with someone you love.

BRENNAN: No but he didn't have to go. He could have walked father and gotten some help, at least one of them would have lived.

BOOTH: Well he couldn't leave her, that, that's what love is.

BRENNAN: So you're saying that love is foolish and illogical?

BOOTH: No, its thinking of someone before yourself. Its giving your life if necessary to that person, its, its love.

BRENNAN: And if that person falls out of love and meets someone else, those selfless acts would suddenly appear to be dangerously irresponsible wouldn't they?

BOOTH: No, it was still love.

BRENNAN: Well, uh, I could never live like that. Survival is the human imperative, if we don't look out for ourselves nothing else matters.

BOOTH: That's not true, you know that Bones. That's not true. You know that.

BRENNAN: You're experiencing a rush of Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin with Hannah, those feelings are wonderful, I've felt them, but I won't rely on the transient nature of chemicals for my happiness.

(Hannah walks in)

BOOTH: There she is. Wow.


BOOTH: Wow. That's a dress. (They kiss)

HANNAH: Hey Temperance.


HANNAH: So you guys catch a bad guy?

BRENNAN: Yes it was a park ranger with a perverse sense of justice.

HANNAH: Ah. So this is like a post criminal drink?

BOOTH: Yeah. Its a post... You want one?

HANNAH: I'll have one or two or three at dinner. We should go we're be late.

BOOTH: Yeah, we should get going.

HANNAH: (Turns to BRENNAN) Do you want to go?

BRENNAN: Oh no, thanks. I have to catalog all the forensics.

BOOTH: Clark can do it.

BRENNAN: I don't mind. Have a good night.

BOOTH: So, I'll see you tomorrow then.

(Booth tugs Hannah towards the door, she breaks free and sidles up to Brennan)

HANNAH: Um one night, you and me, girls night out, we'll dish about Seeley.

BOOTH: Come on lets go (jokingly pulls her away)

(Bones is left alone nursing her drink)


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