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#514 : Les cornes du diable

Booth et Brennan font la découverte d'un nouveau corps. Après avoir examiner les restes du corps, ils en conclut que celui ci est un ancien patient du Doc Adam Copeland, exercant au Sanatorium Havenhurst. Lorsque l'équipe tentent de confronter les éventuels suspects ils se retrouvent face à un dilem: Aucun ne correspond réellement au profil du coupable...



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Titre VO
The Devil and the Details 

Titre VF
Les cornes du diable

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Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) devant le corps

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) devant le corps

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz)

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) enquêtent

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) enquêtent

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley)

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) salue un homme

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) salue un homme

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley)

Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) et Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley)

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) devant le corps

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) et Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) devant le corps

Le corps sur l'autel

Le corps sur l'autel

Plus de détails




(St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church – A priest and an altar boy prepare for mass)

FATHER PATRICK: Come on then, William, let's not keep God waiting. (William comes closer, Father Patrick blesses the bowl of water) By this holy water, and by your precious blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord.


FATHER PATRICK: And may this holy water protect us against evil in this world and in the next.

WILLIAM: (Sniffing) I smell something weird.

FATHER PATRICK: The new candles are smokier than the last batch.

(They exit to the main room, a body with horns is burning on the altar)


(They run to the altar)


(Kneels to pray)

FATHER PATRICK Most glorious prince of the heavenly armies, Saint Michael the Archangel. God help us.

(William grabs the holy water and douses the flames, to no avail.)

WILLIAM: Be gone, Satan!

FATHER PATRICK: Pray with me, William.

(They kneel)

FATHER PATRICK: Defend us in battle against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in high places!

(Brennan and Booth are in the car, Brennan is driving)

BRENNAN: Notice how I'm not tailgating? Adaptive cruise control.

BOOTH: Hmm-hmm. Ah, well, right now I'm more worried about a safe distance between you and me.


BOOTH: Why? Because we're going to a church and you tend to get blasphemous in churches.

BRENNAN: What, you're afraid that if God smites me with lightning, you could get hit?

BOOTH: Yeah, I'm usually standing right beside you.

BRENNAN: The Greek god Zeus also used lightning to incinerate his enemies. Although, Zeus apparently had better aim than your God.

BOOTH: Exactly, stuff like that. Just don't say stuff like that. All right, are we...what's going on here? Are we going the right way?

BRENNAN: Yes. All I had to say was, (loudly) "St. Dominic's Roman Catholic Church" into the voice activated GPS.

BOOTH: (shouting) Car, could you please get us there a little faster?

BRENNAN: No, the accelerator is not voice activated. It's foot activated, like a normal car.

BOOTH: Right.

BRENNAN: Oh. (laughs) You're joking.

BOOTH: Yeah.

BRENNAN: That's funny.

(St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church – Booth, Brennan, and Father Patrick approach the altar.)

BOOTH: Father Patrick I’m Special Agent Seeley Booth, this here’s my Dr. Temperance Brennan

FATHER PATRICK: I have no idea what I’m going to tell our congregation. He has horns.

BRENNAN: Yes that would have great meaning for your superstitious followers.

BOOTH: (Whispers to Brennan) Yeah, like me. (To Father Patrick) Was the, uh, Sanctuary locked?

FATHER PATRICK: Yes, but, doors and windows mean nothing to unclean spirits.

BRENNAN: Many cultures since the dawn of humanity have explained evil as the work of mythical, supernatural beings.

FATHER PATRICK: Evil is not mythical Dr. Brennan, it emanates from The Opposition. From Satan. And his minions.

(Booth and Brennan come to the altar)

BOOTH: Bones, that looks like a demon. (Booth genuflects and crosses himself) Huh, you understand?

BRENNAN: Booth, if your superstitions are getting the best of you I can continue my examination alone.

BOOTH: I’m just saying a prayer for us to protect us from the evil, you understand? I mean, come on. Even you believe in evil.

BRENNAN: I believe in genetic anomalies and abhorrent behavior. Also, accidents. And unfortunately, prayers do not have much effect on the physical world.

BOOTH: (Taps Brennan and points to body) Those are horns.

BRENNAN: Yes. The smell indicates the remains were doused in some kind of petrochemical accelerant. Which also explains why the fire was localized.

BOOTH: Right, and you just blew right past the whole “horn” thing. Have you seen this before?

BONES: No, it’s fascinating.

BOOTH: Fascinating. It can’t be real, right? It must be some kind of plastic or something right?

BRENNAN: No, they appear to be composed of actual bone.

BOOTH: Those are real horns.

BRENNAN: Are you okay, Booth?

BOOTH: Yeah, I’m alright, let’s just, uh - what do you say we just get Hell Boy wrapped up and back to the Jeffersonian. (indicates other agents) Come on guys, let’s go.



(At the Jeffersonian, Brennan and Cam are walking to the platform)

CAM: I’ve been a coroner a long time. I’ve seen a lot of bad things…

BRENNAN: Define bad things.

CAM: Murder, mayhem, catastrophe, suicide, explosions, you know, the usual stuff. But this? This gave me a chill.

BRENNAN: Because of the demonic symbolism of the horns?

CAM: Look, I just don’t want to end up hovering above my bed with my head spinning around 360 degrees.

(They reach the platform and swipe their cards)

BRENNAN: That would not only be impossible, but fatal.

CAM: Right.

BRENNAN: Preliminary findings, Mr. Vaziri?

ARASTOO: The victim is human, mostly.

CAM: Oh, he’s only half joking. This extension of cartilage here? (Points to body)

BRENNAN: Oh, a tail! The victim had a tail?

ARASTOO: Unmistakably devilish.

BRENNAN: Believing in fallen angels and living by the tenets of empirical science are mutually exclusive.

ARASTOO: Islam teaches that Shaitan was not a fallen angel but a Jinn. Angels are created from light and have no free will. Jinns are made from smokeless fire and use their free will to defy Allah.

CAM: Not an angel, not a Jinn, and yet; not your run-of-the-mill man, either.

ARASTOO: The victim is Caucasian, and judging by the partially fused epiphyseal union on the clavicle, 19 to 24 years of age.

(Hodgins enters)

HODGINS: The accelerant was common motor oil. Available at any gas station.

CAM: Well at least it wasn’t brimstone, available only from Hell.

HODGINS: I can’t get much off of what’s left of his clothes, it’s just a generic mixture of cotton and man-made fibres.

BRENNAN: What do you make of the horns, Mr. Vaziri?

HODGINS: Whoa, hey! Horns fall under my area.

CAM: Only if they aren’t made of bone.

ARASTOO: But they are made of bone.

HODGINS: Really? Huh. Well I took a sample of your horns and ran it through the mass spec. In addition to calcium potassium, manganese and silica...

BRENNAN: Bone, as Mr. Vaziri stated.

HODGINS: I also found calcium carbonate in the crystal for aragonite, which is better known as coral.

BRENNAN: Likely the horns were cosmetic implants, but as a result of biocompatibility the remodeled bone grew within the coral.

CAM: What about the tail, do you think it’s a cosmetic implant as well?

BRENNAN: Vestigial. It’s a vestigial tail.

CAM: Well, that’s extremely rare for a child to be born with one.

BRENNAN: There is a man in west Bengal with a 33 centimeter long tail, who some believe is the reincarnation of Hanuman.

(Angela enters)

ANGELA: Hey, I got an ID on our victim.

CAM: Is his last name Lucifer?

HODGINS: Can we please call him Hell Boy until we find out otherwise?

ANGELA: (Goes to computer) Well, we’ve found out otherwise. Neal Lowery. Turns out Neal’s the only missing guy with horns. Go figure.

BRENNAN: Where was his last known residence?

ARASTOO: I’m guessing Mr. Stephen King’s basement.

ANGELA: Havenhurst Sanitarium, where he’s being treated for schizophrenia.

(Booth is in the interrogation room with Erica and Gabe Lowery, the victim’s mother and brother.)

ERICA: Things were fine when Neal was little. He was the happiest boy

GABE: He loved cars, toy trucks. Real smart kid.

BOOTH: And your son, he was born with a tail?

ERICA: Yes. Um, vestigial, the doctors called it.

BOOTH: When Neal was 14 a teacher noticed he'd been beaten and reported it to Child Services?

ERICA: Yes, there was an investigation, and Neal he was getting really hard to handle, and I reacted badly.

GABE: He started setting things on fire, hung my mom's catin the garage. So she hit him.

ERICA: I lost my temper. But I got the counseling I needed and it never happened again.

GABE: None of us knew what was happening. We didn’t know Neal was getting sick.

ERICA: The counselor thought it might help Neal to have the tail removed.

GABE: But by then he wanted to keep it.


GABE: He thought he was marked by God. He told people he was the son of Satan.

ERICA: Neal was schizophrenic it wasn’t his fault.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, uh, what about the horns?

GABE: When Neal was 16 he went off his meds for the first time and ran away.

ERICA: And, uh, when the police found Neal he’d had these horns implanted. We never saw our Neal again, not really.

GABE: And when people asked where he got the horns…he said hell. And he’s been in and out of the loony bin ever since.

ERICA: Havenhurst was a good place wasn’t it? Every cent I ever had went to them, for Neal.

GABE: He’s crazy, but he’s my brother. So if they did anything that got him killed; negligent, whatever, they need to be held responsible.

(Cam and Arastoo are examining the remains in the examination room)

CAM: This section of the peritoneal lining is both thickened and enflamed, which indicated the intestines might have ruptured.

ARASTOO: Cause of death?

CAM: Hard to tell from sample size. Did you find any fractured bones in the X-rays that might have perforated the intestines?

ARASTOO: I don’t think so, Dr Saroyan. (Removes victim’s shoes)

CAM: Whoo! I know that smell. (Inspects victims foot) Yup. Gangrene. I’ve seen this before, in junkies. They inject between the toes, gets infected.

ARASTOO: (Indicates monitor) As you can see there’s a fracture on the anterior aspect of the right T5.

CAM: There’s no way that ruptured the intestines.

(Hodgins enters)

HODGINS: I finished my analysis of the contents of the boot treads. Within the treads, I found peat moss, sand, and perlite; also known as potting soil, as well as seeds from a plant commonly known as Christmas roses.

CAM: Christmas roses, that doesn’t sound very Satanic.

HODGINS: Yeah, from the genus hellebore. Sorry. Even more interesting though, is the legend that hellebore is the key ingredient in a potion meant to summon the devil.

CAM: Hmm, of course it is.

(Booth, Brennan, and Sweets are in the car, Brennan is driving)

SWEETS: Oh, hey, did I mention that I interned in a mental health facility in Philadelphia?

BOOTH: By “interned”, do you mean lived in?

SWEETS: You know the whole thing about how all psychologists needs psychological help, it’s not true.

BOOTH: Is there any chance that Hell Boy wasn’t crazy but actually possessed?

BRENNAN: You mean by a demon? (scoffs)

BOOTH: Well, listen, if the pope believes in demonic possession then, you know, I at least gotta ask.

SWEETS: I spoke briefly to the victim’s psychiatrist. Neal Lowery didn’t show any symptoms of demonic possession.

BOOTH: Okay, growing horns isn’t a sign of possession?

BRENNAN: You mean you spoke seriously on the matter to a man with a university education?

BOOTH: Evil is out there, Bones. There’s just more than one explanation.

BRENNAN: Yes, chemical imbalance, poor role models, ignorance.

SWEETS: Neal Lowery was a simple schizophrenic, living a simple delusion.

BOOTH: See that, simple question, simple answer. Thank you, Sweets.

BRENNAN: Mm-hmm. You could have asked him that on the phone.

BOOTH: Well, listen, I brought Sweets along so, you know, he could sift through all the crazy-asses at the loony bin, see if any of them are homicidal.

SWEETS: I am an excellent loony bin, crazy-ass sifter.

(At Havenhurst Sanitarium, outside)

ORDERLY: (To patient) You’ve got to come back inside.

BOOTH: Shouldn’t these patients be in straight jackets, or rubber rooms?

SWEETS: Well, some of the patients are here of their own free will. There will be a more secure lock down section for those who’ve been committed.

BRENNAN: Oh, Booth.

BOOTH: Yeah.

BRENNAN: Look over there, that’s hellebore. (Points)

BOOTH: The questions is did Hell Boy trample on those flowers before or after he was dead?

BRENNAN: Well, Hell Boy couldn’t have trampled on them after he was dead.

BOOTH: You sure about that?


(Lloyed Robertson descends the stairs at the entrance)

LLOYD: Agent Booth?


LLOYD: Hi, I’m Lloyd, I’m one of the nurse practitioners. Dr. Copeland’s expecting you. (Ushers them inside)

(Booth, Brennan and Sweets are climbing the stairs with Dr. Copeland)

COPELAND: Neal disappeared the night before last, he didn’t show up for his morning meds.

SWEETS: So you thought perhaps he bolted that night?


BOOTH: He’s escaped before?

COPELAND: “Escape” implies incarceration. We prefer the term AWOL.

BRENNAN: The man was committed to your insane asylum because he believed he was the mythical embodiment of evil. “Escape” seems accurate.

COPELAND: Oh, Neal was genius at finding nooks and crannies that he’s hole up in for days. We were hoping he’d done that again, that he’d show up when he got hungry.

SWEETS: We’d like to ask your patients and staff if they know anything.


BOOTH: “Oh.” Is that a problem?

COPELAND: Staff I’m good with. The patients…these are damaged people Agent Booth. Their hold on reality is tenuous.

BRENNAN: Well that’s why we brought our own psychologist.

COPELAND: You’re Dr. Sweets?

SWEETS: Mm-hmm.

COPELAND: You sounded more experienced on the phone.

(Booth laughs)

BRENNAN: He means you sounded older.

SWEETS: I know.

BOOTH: I love it.

SWEETS: It’s not that funny, Booth.

BOOTH: I think it is.

(The group enters the art room)

COPELAND: This is the arts and crafts area.

BRENNAN: Well, the work is quite…

COPELAND: Disturbing?

BRENNAN: Fascinating.

BOOTH: Yeah, fascinating. Did, uh, Neal Lowery have any enemies here? The whole presence of the Devil, the tails and the horns. That must’ve been quite disrupting.

SWEETS: Actually schizophrenic hallucinations can be way worse than that.

COPELAND: Way, way worse. Yes, one boy with horns would barely register.

BOOTH: Well, why don’t you just have the horns removed as part of the cure?

COPELAND: I thought this would be a significant and visible breakthrough for Neal if he could make the decision without being forced.

BOOTH: What do you think Sweets?

SWEETS: Oh, I buy it.

COPELAND: Thank you Dr. Sweets. You don’t think Neal was killed on the grounds do you? That would not be good.

BRENNAN: I’m quite certain it wouldn’t make any difference to Neal.

BOOTH: Neal, did he have any, um, I don’t know, fights with uh fellow…people?

COPELAND: Uh, physically, no.

SWEETS: Arguments?

COPELAND: A case of competing delusions, yes, that deteriorated into shouting upon occasion, but nothing more. (To a patient sitting at an easel) Neviah, these people have some questions for you about Neal Lowery, do you feel up to speaking with them?

NEVIAH: God warned me you’d be here with questions.

SWEETS: God warns you?

NEVIAH: Of course. How else would I have know to have this ready for you? (Turns around her painting)

SWEETS: Oh! Okay, wow, that’s, uh… well, I'm gonna need another

word for fascinating.

BOOTH: Creepy?

SWEETS: So what are we to learn from this, Neviah?

BOOTH: You are very, um, you’re talented. You’re…

BRENNAN: Obviously, she's replaced the face of Longinus – the soldier who drove his spear through Christ’s side during the crucifixion with her own face.

COPELAND: Neviah believes herself to be the earthly manifestation of the angel Uriel.

BRENNAN: She’s put the murder victim’s face in place of the crucified devil. Are you confessing to murder?

SWEETS: Do you mind if I conduct the, uh, conversation Dr. Brennan?

BRENNAN: No. No, but you might want to know that the placement of the lance here in the victim’s side exactly matches the location where the victim was struck in real life.

BOOTH: So this is true?

NEVIAH: I only tell the truth. As Dr. Copeland told you, I’m an angel.


(Outside the interrogation room at Havenhurst, Neviah is sitting at a table on the other side of the window)

SWEETS: I just don’t think it’s wise to have Dr. Brennan present when we question Neviah.

BRENNAN: Well, why?

COPELAND: What if Neviah told you she was an angel, something she believes with her whole heart, how would you respond?

BRENNAN: Well, I’d tell her that angels don’t exist except, of course, in works of fiction such as the Bible and in children’s books.

SWEETS: After which all we’ll get from Neviah is argument, no answers.

BOOTH: Sweets is right, Bones, you’re out.

BRENNAN: I have to admit, it’s eerie that when I move she follows me as though she knows exactly where I am.

COPELAND: That’s because she can see you.

BOOTH: It’s a window, Bones, it’s not a two-way mirror.


BOOTH: Right.

BRENNAN: Perhaps I can wait in some other part of your facility?

COPELAND: Yes, certainly.

BRENNAN: This isn’t really a good use of my time.

(Sweets and Booth enter the interrogation room)

SWEETS: (To orderly allowing them inside the room) Thank you. Neviah, could you describe to me the process by which you create your paintings?

NEVIAH: God guides my hand.

SWEETS: I would imagine God guides all of your actions, right, you being an angel.

NEVIAH: I only exist to do his will.

BOOTH: Did you know that Neal Lowery is dead?

NEVIAH: Of course. God told me.

BOOTH: God told you.

SWEETS: Does God speak to you? Does he come to you in visions?

NEVIAH: He takes over my body and performs his miracles through me.

BOOTH: Did you kill Neal?

NEVIAH: He was a demon. I am an avenging angel. It was my duty. I used the Holy lance.

SWEETS: Same as in the painting.

NEVIAH: Mm-hmm.

BOOTH: And where is this lance now?

NEVIAH: It’s right here. (Indicates empty table)

SWEETS: Oh, it’s invisible.

BOOTH: Right. It’s gonna be hard to get fingerprints off that.

(Brennan is in the common room observing the patients. A man pushing a cart approaches her)

PHILLIP: Hello. Can I offer you, juice, cookies? Uh, perhaps a nice serotonin reuptake inhibitor?

BRENNAN: (Laughs) Thank you, but I just ate.

PHILLIP: (Shakes her hand) I’m Dr. Phillip Womack.

BRENNAN: I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. Temperance will be fine.

PHILLIP: Beautiful name. Unfortunately most patients here don’t exhibit much temperance, hence the need to fill them with drugs.

BRENNAN: Well I would probably medicate as well if I was forced to interact with psychiatrists all day, no offence.

PHILLIP: Well, none taken. Ours is a subjective profession that often marginalizes that importance of empirical data.

BRENNAN: It is refreshing to meet a psychiatrist with such a grounded perspective.

PHILLIP: Hmm. But I assure you we have been getting very good results with psychopharmacology as well as electroconvulsive therapy. Perhaps you’d like to see?

BRENNAN: I would enjoy that immensely.

PHILLIP: (Leading her away) Who knows? I may be able to convert you to the wonders of psychiatry. (Brennan laughs)

COPELAND: Hello Phillip. I see you’ve met Dr. Brennan.


COPELAND: Where were you two going?

BRENNAN: Oh, Dr. Womack was going to show me around.

COPELAND: I don’t know if now is the time, Phillip. Lloyd is distributing the medication.

PHILLIP: Yes, I should assist. Perhaps later, Temperance.

BRENNAN: I’d like that.

(Phillip exits)

COPELAND: Did Phillip try to cure you of anything?

BRENNAN: He’s a patient?

COPELAND: For almost 6 years now. Believe it or not he came a long way before plateauing with this delusion.

BRENNAN: (Observing Phillip) I thought we had quite a lot in common.

PHILLIP: (Distantly, to a patient) That’s right.

(Arastoo and Cam are in the lab with the remains)

CAM: Did you find cause of death?

ARASTOO: Looks like the victim was struck in the frontal bone with a weapon approximately 2 centimeters in diameter, possibly the same object that struck him in the ribs.

CAM: Okay, so we’ve got a fracture to the forehead…

ARASTOO: And a Colles fracture on the right distal radius.

CAM: All delivered by an invisible heavenly lance.

ARASTOO: If it was invisible it struck with a mighty force. What if, despite her insanity, what the young woman saw was, in fact, evil?

CAM: So you do believe in the Devil.

ARASTOO: As I said.

CAM: No, you told me what your religion says.

ARASTOO: I know Shaitan to be real. I’ve been in his presence. I look into his eyes every day. (Cam looks uncomfortable) I should put my efforts towards identifying the weapon.

CAM: Yes. That would be… good.

(Sweets and Angela are studying Neviah’s painting)

SWEETS: Jung believed that art provides an insight into the unconscious.

ANGELA: Yeah, no, I know the drill. I assisted an art therapist in college. You can take one look at Van Gough’s “Starry Night” with the dark blues and the violent brush strokes? It’s no wonder he killed himself after painting it. But Neviah’s work seems conflicted. The central image is straight out of Hieronymus Bosch, but the background is full of warm and vibrant colors. And her brushstrokes are calm. There’s no turmoil or rage in her work.

SWEETS: It could indicate a cold, measured person. Disconnected from an emotional life that’s too painful to confront.

ANGELA: Hold on. This is weird. (Indicates the painting) The topography of the paint is unusually thick right here. This could mean that there’s something underneath the image. Sometimes when an artist bowdlerizes their own work, infrared refrectography can show us what’s under the paint.

SWEETS: Oh. Wow. That’s uh, that’s one of the nurses, from the hospital.

ANGELA: He’s a demon.

SWEETS: Who has just killed the Devil. Neal Lowery.

ANGELA: I don’t think you need Jung to figure this one out.

(Outside Havenhurst, Lloyd approaches in his car)

SECURITY GUARD: Hold up, Lloyd!

BOOTH: Hey, there, Lloyd, how’s it going?


BOOTH: Turn off your vehicle?

LLOYD: Sure. What are you doing here? Checking out security tapes to see if Neal vamoosed through the front door?

BOOTH: (Holds up photo of Neviah’s painting) You recognize this picture?

LLOYD: You’re not seriously treating this as real evidence are you?

BOOTH: What’s your relationship with Neal Lowery?

LLOYD: (Scoffs) I was nice to the guy, that’s my job. I’d – I’d like to go home.

BOOTH: No, no, no, would you mind popping the trunk?

LLOYD: What? No, not unless you’ve got a search warrant which I’m guessing you don’t.

BOOTH: Oh really? Look at this here. Excuse me, Bones. (points to sign) See? "All visitors and employees agree to vehicle search on entry and exit”, so we don’t need one, right Bones?

BRENNAN: We don’t need one.

BOOTH: Excuse me (Reaches for car keys) let me just grab that for you. You stay nice and comfy in your chair there. (Walks to the trunk)

BRENNAN: We found evidence of gangrene between Neal’s toes. He was injecting something there. It’s a common practice for heroin addicts.

BOOTH: Hey, Bones, look at this! Guy’s got his own personal dojo back here.

BRENNAN: There appear to be the same diameter as the bruise on Neal Lowery’s skull.

BOOTH: Swords, nun chucks. (Opens compartment in trunk) Well, look at this. Drugs…and heroin. Looks like we found Neal Lowery's heroin dealer.


(Booth and Lloyd in interrogation room)

LLOYD: None of that stuff’s mine. I mean one of the patients must have planted it in my car.

BOOTH: No, no. I really would not advise you going down that route.

LLOYD: Well, it’s the truth.

BOOTH: The truth? Well you know what? We’re going to find your fingerprints all over this stuff. So don’t get caught in a lie.

Right? Right. So why don’t we start with the dorky martial arts stuff.

LLOYD: Nun chuks and shuriken

aren't dorky, all right? They’re the weapons of a true master.

BOOTH: You see the fact that you just called it “shiruken” just proves my dorky theory. So, drugs. Did you steal them from the hospital pharmacy?

LLOYD: No, how do you know I didn’t buy them from someone else who stole them?

BOOTH: Okay, look. People say you’re really a good guy.

LLOYD: I am.

BOOTH: Yeah, so, what do you say we try and tell the truth?

LLOYD: Look, Neal’s medications didn’t work. Alright, the tranqs, and the antipsychotics, they turned him into a zombie, but they didn’t make him feel any better.

BOOTH: (Holding up bag of heroin) But, uh, this did?

LLOYD: Yeah. Heroin removed his agitation. I mean for the first time you could talk to the guy.

BOOTH: Hmm. How did Neal pay for the heroin?

LLOYD: I took his meds in exchange.

BOOTH: For your own use?

LLOYD: No. No I volunteer at a community outreach for the homeless. A lot of those people need meds.

BOOTH: You see? You really are a good guy.

LLOYD: Yeah, I am. I am a good guy.

BOOTH: You are a good guy. The only problem is, these nun chucks? They could probably be the murder weapon.

LLOYD: Why would I kill Neal?

BOOTH: It doesn't matter if you're a good guy. I mean you’re a drug dealer. Drug dealers, they get into arguments with other clients.

LLOYD: No, I was helping him.

BOOTH: When was the last time you saw him?

LLOYD: Uh, in the day room. We talked, and then later that evening his bother came looking for him but he was gone.

BOOTH: Mm-hmm. I’m still holding you under controlled substances.

LLOYD: You believe I didn’t kill Neal, right?

BOOTH: It doesn’t matter what I believe. It matters what I can prove.

(In Hodgin’s office at the lab, Cam enters)

CAM: Anything on the nun chucks?

HODGINS: Hmm, they are completely clean. There are dents though, so they’ve been used.

CAM: Can you rule them out as the murder weapon?

HODGINS: Are you asking me to do an experiment?

CAM: With (sighs) Arastoo…

HODGINS: Why are you saying his name like that?

CAM: Like what?

HODGINS: "Arastoo..." You’re chewing on his name.

CAM: (Hushed) Arastoo says he looks at the Devil every day.

HODGINS: Maybe he has low self-esteem.

CAM: Or…you know what they call us right?

HODGINS: “They” being…

CAM: Muslims. Some Muslims, the ones over there trying to kill us.

HODGINS: Yeah, they call us “the Great Satan”…oh.

(Arastoo enters)

ARASTOO: Look, here, what I found. Radiating micro-fractures in the cartilage of the victim’s vestigial tail.

CAM: Radiating micro-fractures plus a ruptured intestine?

HODGINS: What does that mean?

CAM: He was slammed into something.

ARASTOO: Perhaps in fact he did wrestle with an archangel…and lose. As it should be, the Devil lost. As he always must. I will inform Dr. Brennan! (exits)

CAM: “The Devil lost?”

HODGINS: “As he always must”?

CAM: What if Arastoo means us?

HODGINS: Arastoo is a very sweet, gentle guy, you know?

CAM: I know but that doesn’t mean that in his heart he doesn’t look down on us. Do you want to work with someone who thinks you’re the Great Satan?

HODGINS: No! I don’t want to be the Great Satan! I don’t even want to be a minor demon. You want me to talk to him?

CAM: Yes. (Sighs) But unfortunately dopey interpersonal crap falls under my job description.

(At Havenhurst in the day room)

COPELAND: The discrepancies for the pharmacy have always been so small, well within breakage.

SWEETS: We understand.

BOOTH: We understand? Why do we understand?

SWEETS: Well, Lloyd Robertson was a nurse practitioner. He had,uh, pharmacy privileges, right? He cooked the drug log.

COPELAND: Patients liked Lloyd, the staff. He honestly wanted to help people. Or at least fooled me into thinking that was the case.

BRENNAN: Well, so much for penetrating psychological insights.

COPELAND: Can I speak to you for a moment?

(Takes Brennan aside)

COPELAND: I’ve listened to you take shots at my profession, and that’s okay, I’m a big boy. A tolerant man. But I want you to think about something. I spend every working hour of every day trying to help people who are living in hell. That’s an honorable way to spend a life. Perhaps more honorable than figuring out what happened to dead people who are already beyond pain and suffering.

BRENNAN: Intentions, however misguided, do count, I understand that.

COPELAND: I hope you won’t think I’m too picky when I point out that that wasn’t an actual apology. But perhaps it’s the best you can manage. (they shake hands)

BOOTH: Oh, look at that, you're shaking hands. Great, everyone's made up and we're friends now. Great.

PHILLIP: (From across the room) No! (Knocks over med cart, is tackled by orderlies) Get away, get away!

COPELAND: It’s alright Phillip! Do you hear me? Just relax and let the medicine help. (Injects him)

PHILLIP: It’s not the right medicine! I need the right medicine!

COPELAND: What’s the right medicine, Phillip?

PHILLIP: I want the medicine Lloyd gave me, where’s Lloyd? I need the special medicine, I’m a doctor!

COPELAND: Lloyd gave you special medicine?

PHILLIP: I’m a doctor, I’m a doctor.

BOOTH: We’re gonna need to search this facility.

BRENNAN: I apologize, Dr. Copeland, I apologize for undervaluing your work.

(Hodgins and Arastoo are on the forensic platform)

HODGINS: (wheeling a crash test dummy) Test number one. Now, I’ve placed sensors in this dummy to register the impacts of the nun chuck strikes. (Bows to crash test dummy, feigns being a ninja)

ARASTOO: Dr. Hodgins, with nun chucks it’s very important that you…

(Hodgins strikes himself with a nun chuk in the head)

HODGINS: Oh! (falls)

ARASTOO: Are you alright?

HODGINS: Son of a bitch!

ARASTOO: As I was saying, nun chuks are deceptively difficult to maneuver if you’ve had no practice. (Hodgins groans) May I?

HODGINS: Huh, okay, well…knock yourself out, I did. (Arastoo takes the nun chuks, wields them perfectly and strikes the dummy) What are you some kind of Persian ninja? (Crawls to monitor, the screen is blurry) That can’t be right. (Covers one eye) Oh, okay, yeah, no that’s better.

ARASTOO: Was this the murder weapon?

HODGINS: Uh, the diameter of the weapon matches, but, see, okay, nun chuks swing on an axis, because of the chain, right, which means the force increases exponentially along the length of the striking surface.

ARASTOO: But the victim’s wound was proportional along the length of the weapon.

HODGINS: If Lloyd, the drug dealing nurse, killed Neal, the demonic schizophrenic, then this was not the weapon.


(Sweets has Phillip in the interrogation room at Havenhurst)

SWEETS: So how long have you been practicing psychiatry, Dr. Womack?

PHILLIP: Well, longer than you have, Dr. Sweets.

SWEETS: Yes, my youth has often been an obstacle to gaining trust

with patients.

PHILLIP: That's why I often pretend to be one of them.

SWEETS: Oh, that's interesting. Okay, so in order to gain trust from the patients at the ward, you pretend to be mentally ill yourself.

PHILLIP: I’m a natural actor. It helped Lloyd cooperated and treated me like I was a patient instead of his immediate superior.

SWEETS: What about Dr. Copeland?

PHILLIP: Ethan is a very fine psychiatrist, but he's very conservative when it comes to the distinction between doctor and patient.

SWEETS: A traditionalist?

PHILLIP: Yes, exactly, Dr. Sweets, exactly.(To Copeland) I'm sorry, Ethan, but this is an official investigation and I must be honest.

SWEETS: So you and Lloyd Robertson treated Neal Lowery together?

PHILLIP: Only with regard to medication. Neal and I shared a few secrets I did not divulge - patient confidentiality.

SWEETS: I don’t suppose you’d tell me what?

PHILLIP: No, I couldn’t possibly. I breached patient confidentiality once and I still feel bad about it.

SWEETS: Hmm was this regarding Neal Lowery or...?

PHILLIP: I'm sorry Dr. Sweets. I have nothing whatsoever to say on the matter. It's closed. I'll ask that you extend me that professional courtesy.


(Cam and Arastoo are in the bone examination room)

CAM: You found something?

ARASTOO: Yes. Cause of death.

CAM: Excellent, what was happened?

ARASTOO: First I'd like to clarify something. After we talked about my beliefs you were clearly upset.

CAM: What? No that's not… true.

ARASTOO: My words could have been construed as a Muslim referring to America as the Great Satan.

CAM: I'm not familiar with that phrase. Could we get back to this?

ARASTOO: I found micro-fractures on the metacarpals on the same arm with the Colles fracture. I love this country Dr. Saroroyan.

When I said I see the Devil's face daily... You know I served as

a translator in Iraq? Normal day milk run to an outlying village to talk about water and an IED took out our Humvee.

CAM: Oh my God.

ARASTOO: Two dead, three wounded and I was the only one left conscious. I'm a translator, I use words, but coming towards us with an AK-47, an insurgent. He raised it intending to finish us off.

CAM: And that was the Devil?

ARASTOO: No no. I shot this man in the heart. The Devil, that evil, I saw it in his eyes, sure, but it was in me too when I pulled that trigger.

CAM: You were defending your unit Mr. Vaziri.

ARASTOO: This man lay dead at my feet. I searched his body for identification and I found a photograph of him with his little boy, his wife laughing. A family. Tell me that the Devil did not win on that day.

CAM: You didn’t lose your faith. You pray five times a day.

ARASTOO: I have to believe that Allah will show me how to live. (He goes to the body) I found micro-fractures on the maxillary and mandibular.

CAM: He was electrocuted?

ARASTOO: The current must have passed through his hand, traveled across his body, then out his backside.

CAM: It was the muscle spasms that caused his intestines to rupture. I should let Dr. Brennan know right away.

ARASTOO: Of course.

CAM: I did…think that – wonder if you considered us to be the Great Satan. I am familiar with that phrase.

ARASTOO: I know. I was there when you told Dr. Hodgins that his t-shirt which read: "I am with the Great Satan" is not suitable work attire.

(Sweets and Brennan are outside Havenhurst with Copeland)

SWEETS: Was Neal Lowery receiving shock therapy?

COPELAND: No, why?

BRENNAN: Neal Lowery died from being electrocuted.

COPELAND: Oh, ECT equipment generates a maximum 225 volts. And there's a failsafe mechanism.

BRENNAN: Our analysis indicates that Neal Lowery endured an extended shock of at least 480 volts. Is there anywhere in this complex where 480 volts might be generated?

COPELAND: I think it would be best if we get an electrical engineer to answer that.

SWEETS: There's a guy in Ward 4 who believes he's Thomas Edison. (Brennan laughs, Copeland looks unamused) Sorry.

(Brennan, Hodgins, and Angela are in Angela’s office)

ANGELA: These are the electrical plans for the retrofit that was completed at Havenhurst 15 years ago.

HODGINS: All the wiring and the breakers, there's nothing morethan 225 volts.

ANGELA: Well I'm scanning the original plans. And they're from 1908. (the scans of the plans appear on the screen) Okay. So on the original blueprints there was a fourwire 600 volt transformer in the basement. The southwest corner of the basement where the old generator is installed was sealed off.

HODGINS: Except for these all-access panels.

ANGELA: Yeah, but they’d need those in case of a fire.

BRENNAN: Dr. Copeland said that Neal Lowery had a knack for searching out nooks and crannies to hide out in.

(Brennan, Booth, Sweets, and Copeland are in the basement of Havenhurst)

BRENNAN: Okay the access panel should be down this corridor to the left.

BOOTH: (Tries light switch, nothing happens) Oh, you got to be kidding me.

SWEETS: Wait. (Pulls out Iphone and selects a “flashlight” app) Ha-ha! I also have an app that gives you songs titles. All you have to do is hum a few notes...

BOOTH: Maybe later okay?

BRENNAN: Okay, it should be behind all this. (Indicates pile of old equipment. Booth moves it aside and they all step through.)

BOOTH: Look at that. Check this out. (Indicates drug paraphernalia on the floor) Someone was cooking heroin.

SWEETS: So maybe Phillip follows Neal down here sees him using, decides to administer a little electroshock on the spot?

BRENNAN: Burnt flesh on the transformer. And blood on the water pipe. Booth?

BOOTH: Yeah?

COPELAND: Oh my God.

BRENNAN: The electrical circuit must have been completed when Neal backed into this water pipe.

SWEETS: (Flashes phone over a bloodied pipe) Look what I found.

(Booth discovers a hanging chain for a red light bulb. He pulls the chain and the room is bathed in red light, revealing the words “Welcome to Hell” written on the wall in what appears to be blood.)

BOOTH: “Welcome to Hell”.


(Brennan, Sweets, and Angela are In Angela’s office)

ANGELA: I ran a simulation of the electrocution based on the current that was generated by the equipment at Havenhurst. (Runs the simulation, Neal survives the electrocution.)

SWEETS: Wait, but he's not dead.

ANGELA: Yeah I know. Based on Neal's age and weight plus the clothes he was wearing, that current would've thrown him clear. He should have survived.

BRENNAN: Plus the muscular contortions and spasms were nowhere near violent enough to fracture his wrist.

SWEETS: So, then what happened?

BRENNAN: What if Neal Lowery wasn't wearing his rubber-soled boots?

ANGELA: Okay, give me a second.

SWEETS: You know I just don't think that someone who just shot himself up with heroin is likely to uh, put his boots on.


SWEETS: Well 'cause he's “on the nod”. That means that he uh, vomits and succumbs to the euphoria.

ANGELA: Wow, listen to you, all “street”.

BRENNAN: Maybe Phillip administered the heroin to Neal as though it were some kind of legitimate medicine.

SWEETS: No, between the toes, that’s not legitimate.

ANGELA: The guy is crazy, Sweets.

SWEETS: But he’s consistent. Phillip operates rationally behind his delusions. He believes he's a doctor.

BRENNAN: Angela can you call up a photo of Neal's boots as they were found on the remains?

ANGELA: Mm-hmm.

BRENNAN: (approaches the screen and points) Uh, here.

ANGELA: Okay, lemme get in closer.

BRENNAN: Neal Lowery was left-handed, he didn’t tie these shoes.

SWEETS: What? How can you tell?

BRENNAN: Well, a left-handed person double knotting, the second knot would loop behind. This one loops in front.

ANGELA: Yeah, but still, it must have been a left-handed person that tied the knot. Only, he or she must have been facing the victim.

SWEETS: Oh, that is amazing. I think, it’s al- it’s also very confusing.

ANGELA: I am ready to run the simulation with the boots removed from the equation. (Runs the simulation, this time Neal is killed.)

BRENNAN: That's it. He was electrocuted first, and then his boots put back on after he was dead.

SWEETS: Double knots, that’s the way someone would treat a child.

ANGELA: I say we’re looking for somebody left-handed.

BRENNAN: I say the killer may have left his or her DNA on the laces.

(Sweets is with Erica in the observation room at the FBI office. Gabe is behind the window in the interrogation room.)

ERICA: It’s not possible. It’s just not possible. Gabe wouldn’t kill his brother.

SWEETS: Mrs. Lowery, what you and your family have went through, it’s almost unbearable.

ERICA: Gabe loved his brother, why would he do such a thing?

SWEETS: We know that Gabe went to visit Neal the night he disappeared. We believe that there was another patient named Phillip who told Gabe about Neal's hide out in the basement. Gabe found Neal shooting up heroin. Gabe struck Neal with a pipe, Neal fell back into a transformer and was electrocuted.

ERICA: But the church? The burning on the altar?

SWEETS: We all become angry at God sometimes Mrs. Lowery.

ERICA: Who could blame him? Why did God do this to my family? We were good people. And then…this.

SWEETS: I’m sorry for your pain.

ERICA: You? You can’t even imagine my pain.

(Booth and Brennan are at the diner, drinking coffee)

BRENNAN: I need to ask you some things.

BOOTH: You gonna ask me about God and the Devil?


BOOTH: You’re going to ask me how God could place such a burden on good people.

BRENNAN: No, I’m going to ask you how you can still believe in a kind God after a case like this.

BOOTH: Was my faith shaken? Yeah. Mm-hmm. It is.


BOOTH: Yeah. I’ll go home tonight and I’ll lie in bed, and I’ll toss, and I’ll turn, and I’ll beat myself up, and uh…I’ll question everything.

BRENNAN: Will you get your faith back?

BOOTH: Always have in the past.

BRENNAN: So you have faith that you will retain your faith. (Booth nods) Why?

BOOTH: Because, Bones, it’s…the sun will come up, and tomorrow’s a new day.

BRENNAN: (laughs) I know that feeling.

BOOTH: Really?

BRENNAN: Mm-hmm.

BOOTH: You know what it feels like to get your faith back?

BRENNAN: When I see effects and I am unable to discern the cause, my faith in reason and consequences is shaken.

BOOTH: And then what happens?

BRENNAN: Two plus two equals four. I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet. The sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me. There are mysteries I will never understand, but everywhere I look, I see proof that for every effect there is a corresponding cause. Even if I can’t see it. I find that reassuring.

BOOTH: And life is good again.

BRENNAN: Life is very good.

BOOTH: Yes it is. (Both laugh)


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